Providing living facilities for up to 100 women & children in 30+ rooms

Haven of Hope For  Women

1107 South Clay Street - Ennis, Texas 75119
(972) 876-3211

All women who desire to come to HOH should
submit an application at our office. The admittance 
process takes 72 hours.
   Something GREAT is happening in Ennis that is making a difference in the lives of women & children. 
All THEY need is a  Helping Hand
The fastest growing segment of homeless in our country are single, female heads of household with young children.

The fastest growing segment of homeless in our country are single, female heads of household with young children.

Haven of Hope For Women (and children)

Is now a reality in Ennis, Texas

It’s unprecedented… it’s a break through in what most people think concerning “homelessness.”

Haven of Hope is a new service for women and children here in Ennis and surrounding areas.
Haven of Hope For Women is very different than what we think of concerning  homeless shelters.
We are a safety net for women who have lost jobs, lost child support, been evicted, or who are otherwise temporarily without housing for themselves or themselves and their children.

It should be emphasized that Haven of Hope is not for those who simply move from shelter to shelter. It is not for those who remain chronically unemployed. We are strictly a safety net for those who are temporarily without housing.

We plan temporary housing and meals for women, with or without children, as they readjust and get back on their feet.

Haven of Hope is only a temporary service for those in the community who have the ability and desire to become self-sufficient, once again. We are not a facility serving as a halfway house for substance-abuse, or a shelter for mental illness. Our limit for assistance is 60 days. Because of the strictly temporary nature of our help, we will assist  women who are aggressively working for a solution to their own independence, during this 90 day time period.

It is our desire at Haven of Hope, to be here for these women and their children. If you would like to volunteer to be a part of this life-changing experience, please contact us.

We believe it is critical that women and children in Ennis and surrounding areas have a safe and secure place to go as they transition to their next home.
At "Haven of Hope" we are committed to meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those women and their children who just about to fall out of the "safety net."

Since "Haven of Hope" is now here, women and their children need not experience the trauma of not only being homeless but having to go to a "homeless center."

While many women and their children across America are only one step away from being "homeless," here in Ennis and the surrounding area... they are only "one step away" from their new "home away from home."

By working TOGETHER, we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of women and children, at a time... when they really NEED OUR HELP. 

Want to see for yourself how rewarding volunteering at
Haven of Hope For Women can be?
We would love to get you started.

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One question we are continually asked is... "What do you need"?​​

Haven of Hope needs volunteers to help clean, an electrician, a plumber,  a maintenance person, cooks, etc. We also need volunteers to help meet the needs of the women and children who will soon call Haven of Hope, "home."

Haven of Hope is believing for several vans.

And of course "finances" to enable us to get HOH up and going and "finances" for operating expenses. 

If God touches your heart to give, you can make any checks payable to:  “Haven of Hope for Women”. Checks may be mailed to: P.O. Box 8407, Ennis, TX 75120, or given directly at: 1107 South Clay Street, Ennis, TX 75119.

Haven of Hope also takes credit cards. To give a gift on a credit card, just click on the credit cards at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for working with us to instill HOPE... when things look "hopeless."


Haven of Hope has received a "home" at the World Outreach Ministry Center in Ennis at 1107 South Clay Street. Approximately 10,000 square feet has been made available to HOH at no charge (RENT FREE). HOH will only
need to take care of all operating expenses for the building.

HOH now has use of the foyer/living room area, command center, 27 bedrooms with individual 1/2 baths, shower rooms, dinning room (which seats 100), along with a fully equipped commerical kitchen that is ready to go 
(with an A+ commercial rating).

HOH begin to preparations on the building back in April. During September, for the first time,
HOH became responsible for operating expenses.  

Thanks for your "PRAYER OF AGREEMENT" that all the needs of Haven of Hope are
met according to our Lord's riches in glory!!!